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FX Trading & CFD trading involve a high level of risks, including capital invested

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No Deposit Bonus

In order to get the bonus you need read and accept NDB T&Cs on a dedicated offer page( and open an account with TemplerFX by applying If you're already a TemplerFX trader you can still apply for the Bonus, but only if your trading account has never been credited either with your personal funds or with any prize/compensation from TemplerFX.

Yes, you can, but only if no deposits have ever been made to your account so far, including the prize money deposited for winning in our demo trading contest or any award/compensation fees received from TemplerFX.

Ever so slightly. The bonus trading account employs the real trading platform in real time with real quotes and payout rates, however the maximum trade amount of simultaneously open positions is limited to 30 USD for BO accounts and 0.3 lots or FX.

In order to start trading with the regular trading account again you will need to either complete the bonus, or to cancel it, by sending a request to us.

$100 is not a reward for participating in the offer, but the maximum amount of profit one can withdraw. Once you've completed the required turnover, the profit made with the bonus funds is credited to your Real Trading Account. However, that amount shall not exceed $100. That means that if you make $900 of profit, only $100 of those will be credited and the rest will automatically expire.

This verification payment is designed to eliminate the creation of multiple accounts, as it contradicts the company's Terms of Service. The $10 you deposit will automatically be added to your trading account balance and you will be free to withdraw it any time.

Once you complete the terms of the offer (including verifying your credit card by making a $10 deposit) you will be free to withdraw at once or to continue trading.